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(925) 444-7483

Unwanted useless annoying spam text message, probably a spoofed number, from some scammer named Biodefy trying to sell some ridiculous worthless skin treatment garbage complete with a fraudulent fake website designed to steal your personal info. Blocked these scammers.

(856) 516-9888

This number called my phone and said my social security number was compromised and asked for further information. I called back and it was a man saying the number was not allocated and hung up.


Inheritance Scam

(325) 977-2311

My boyfriend number

(469) 844-5494

Called back message said text subscriber cannot take calls at this time. Unwanted. Unknown caller to me

(951) 219-7172

This is my phone number, it has definitely been spoofed before. I'm just a dude nothing sinister

(239) 310-5491

Return phone number and it doesn’t ring

(405) 839-0537

re: Package delivery at local depot. Nothing at local post office. Doesn't identify sender. ??????

(213) 929-6826

Got message on IG randomly... that person wanted me to text that number via WhatsApp.

(337) 656-0140

Likely a scam. They sent me a question about a fb listing I have, when I asked which one they sent me to a facebook sign in and the web address at the top of the login page wasn't a facebook URL.

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